Contaminarte. The exhibit at San Nicola a Mare, on the coast of Cilento.

Picturesque like a Neapolitan nativity scene and fantastic like fairy tales, San Nicola a Mare has a clean and tidy marina and is located in an area where peace smells of the sea but also of flowers, olives, figs and grapes. During these days, the whole village is surrounded by an almost surreal vibe. If you look at the village with your back to the sea, in addition to enjoying the scent, you will enjoy a very characteristic view and you will see a flight of stairs that, from the small port climbs, goes up to the village. That’s where you should go. However, even if you do not know where to go, you will be welcomed by the “embrace” of art, and you will immediately notice it, right when you get there. A guide always watches over the sea, she will surely see you. She will welcome you and will show you the way that flanks the red arch where a guardian, floating in the air, awaits you to give you the key to an extraordinary dimension.
Magical angels, talented musicians, fearless warriors with shields and armor, feathered birds and other chimeric creatures are the protagonists of an epic tale, an exciting adventure that has as its scenography the walls that line the way and the evocative vibe of the village itself.
I t is an outdoor exhibition. An exhibition of sculptures and marionette that stimulates the imagination. An events that brings to life what appears to be mute but which in reality is only silent.
The event is called Contaminarte and will last for the whole Summer. The creator of the project is Nigel Lembo.

In addition to being an original and talented poet and artist, Nigel Lembo is the creator of numerous creative / educational art projects. Since memory and tradition count a lot for him, communication is very important. And just like a storyteller from other times, Nigel meets the consent of young and old people, in telling, either through a poem, or with a marionetta or even with an entire event; the sea, the nature, the beauty but also the human spirit with its dreams, successes and failures

Before the covid emergency, Nigel wrote and performed a play entitled ““Il Funambolo e i Sogni delle Marionette”(The Tightrope Walker and the Dreams of the Marionettes), with music by Raffaele Amenta, at the historic Piccolo Teatro del Giullare in Salerno. Due to the lockdown and the closure of the theaters, the tour was interrupted. Thus, at the same time as the Mariviento workshops, together with his friend Amenta, today the artist from Cilento has created an open-air event with the opening music of “Il Funambolo e i sogni delle Marionette”.

Although between Amenta’s Sax and Nigel Lembo’s marionette there could be someone else too.
A curious mystery is surrounding the village of San Nicola a Mare.
Every day the marionette and sculptures are found in different places. It is not the artist who changes their positions.
Could it be an unknown knight who wanders and lives his adventures at night? Or maybe the marionette move between dreams and tales? This is to be seen. Meanwhile, during the day you can live the extraordinary experience of Contaminarte.

Starting from the small port. climbing up into the village, you will be caught in a dreamlike dimension from which you will be awakened only at the end of the path, and that is when you will be enchanted by the view. Once the dream is over, reality is even more inviting. In fact, the exhibition ends right near an equally enchanting place: La Tana della Sirena (the lair of the mermaid)
A place of dreams and delights where the body, and also the soul, is nourished by smells, flavors, beauty and poetry.

Contaminarte is a very hospitable event. In fact, the artworks, the marionette and all the characters are open to welcoming other artists who wish to share art in a moment of celebration.

Street artists and musicians, but also fairies and dragons are very welcome at Contaminarte. Follow the link and contact Nigel Lembo.

contact Contaminarte

Watch the video by Nigel Lembo and enjoy a preview of a fantastic journey.


La Tana della Sirena is neither a restaurant nor a trattoria. It is a sort of literary café, a constant artistic and culinary happening.

An art exhibition with books, magazines; works by Cilento artists and works by passing artists. There are also works by Lembo himself.

La Tana della Sirena is a real refuge, especially for those who love nature and naturalness, steeped in history and tradition of the Mediterranean sea and land of Cilento. Another suggestive scenario for the fantastic stories of Nigel Lembo that seemed finished and which instead continue among the art on display, the pages of books and the poetry of Mediterranean cuisine.

Cozy and intimate, this place of refreshment and cultural exchange is pervaded by the scent of citrus and fruits from the garden and has a delightful terrace from which you will continue to fill your eyes with the colors of the Mediterranean.

The cuisine is special. You will not find spaghetti alfredo or fritto misto. What you taste at the Tana della Sirena you will not find it elsewhere because the products are genuine, all truly at zero km, they are the fruits of the earth where you walk and they are prepared with love and ancient knowledge.

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