Chocolate Valentine’s baskets

These sweets are not part of the typical Neapolitan cuisine. However they are easy to prepare and are crunchy and delicious. If you like chocolate with just a few ingredients and in just a few minutes you can amaze those you love. Follow the recipe to prepare quick chocolate treats in 5 steps.


100 grams (3.5Oz.) of dark chocolate
60 grams (2.11Oz.) of cornflakes
2 drops Seed oil
chopped almonds or hazelnuts to decorate (optional)


1. Break the dark chocolate into small pieces and melt it in a bain-marie.

chocolate Valentine baskets
2. Add the seed oil and mix with a spoon until creamy.
3. Add the cornflakes to the melted chocolate and mix gently so they don’t break. Make sure they are covered entirely with chocolate.

4. Fill the chocolate molds with piles of flakes covered in chocolate. You can decorate them as desired with chopped almonds or hazelnuts.

chocolate Valentine baskets
5. Let it dry at room temperature.

chocolate valentine baskets
Warning!!! These sweets do not go in the fridge otherwise they will get ruined.