Caprisius launches the new advertising campaign created by Officina Mirabilis.

Milan is Caprisius is the first visual of a visionary and provocative series that will take Caprisius around Italy and the world.

The scene sees the sea and the iconic Faraglioni of Capri bursting into Piazza Duomo in Milan!

The campaign will continue to conquer Rome – Rome is Caprisius. Then it will be the turn of Napoli – Napoli is Caprisius, chosen for the launch of the new Amaro di Capri.

After Napoli, who knows where Caprisius will take those who want to savor the authentic taste of Capri, a natural monument of style and eternal inspiration for free spirits.

Wherever you can drink Caprisius, you will feel like you are in Capri. This is the idea developed by the Officina Mirabilis, reinforced by the claim “Unleash the spirit of Capri wherever you are”.

The goal is to make the name ‘Caprisius’ an adjective that conveys a vision of the world, a taste for life: the way of being of those who have the sea inside .

To be Caprisius, To feel Caprisius!

Finally, the campaign also intends to convey an unsurprising message of meeting between cultures. Although they are different cultures, they both have respect for shared identities. This is a message in which those who have a sincere desire to explore the world, to discover flavors, beauties and unexpected wonders can recognize each other.

About Caprisius.

That of Caprisius is a fascinating story, born from the desire to tell the island of Capri through a sensory journey that starts from the sea that surrounds it and that crosses all the beauties contained in this wonderful island.

Caprisius Gin is a premium Italian gin, clear and transparent. The opening of its precious bottles will release all the characteristic scents of Capri with sensational references to the spontaneous herbs of the island and the scent of the Mediterranean sea. Maximum expression of flavor, taste, delicacy and softness, the spirit of Capri is identified in it. Born from the voice of the sea, it features juniper, lemon, marjoram, thyme and sea salt.


All the botanicals of Caprisius are collected in Capri and then distilled separately, and finally they are inebriated by the sea breeze that makes this gin unique in its kind.

The distillation takes place in small batches using only the best botanicals. Caprisius Gin has an alcohol content of 43% vol and the alcohol used is Italian wheat. It is available in the standard edition that recalls the colors of the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) and in the exclusive special edition, in a jewel bottle with the shape of the iconic “Faraglione di Mezzo”(the second rock separated from the first block by a stretch of sea) .

Caprisius has recently launched a new product, the Amaro di Capri: a Mediterranean variant of the classic amaro, produced exclusively with botanicals of the blue island, with a light amber color, with floral scents, hints of orange blossom, lemons, figs and sea salt.

The label preserves the ancient map of the island of Capri, surrounded by mermaids, tritons and sea monsters that evoke the seafaring legends narrated over time by Capri fishermen.

Remaining faithful to the Italian roots, the Caprisius products are handcrafted, with passion and love.

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About Officina Mirabilis

Officina Mirabilis is an ethical advertising communication agency born on the slopes of Vesuvius and active throughout Italy in the visual, video, social and web fields.

From the experience gained in complex sectors, through a sophisticated and visionary creative style, the agency has distinguished itself in the most refined pop fields such as ecoluxury, glocal tourism, premium spirit, wines and products from sustainable regimes.

Over the years it has positioned itself among the emerging Italian agencies in the ethical field (health, safety, sustainability); it also deals with communication for internationalization, social marketing for higher education, content management for both corporate and artistic-cultural projects. Officina Mirabilis is among the rare agencies in Campania that also deal with sound design.

Poised between conceptual solidity and creative enthusiasm, Officina Mirabilis is engaged in socio-cultural, artistic, ecological projects and boasts international partnerships.

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