Beauty with Vanna Lash Maker

She is Neapolitan and she has studied languages. After graduation she believed that her path should continue enrolling at the university. She says that she tried, and she enrolled at university. However she wasn’t sure about what she really wanted. After some experience working as an employee, “under ‘o boss”, she chose to start her own business. She rediscovered old passions and she also met new opportunities. She took an eyelash extension course. She learned something new, but most of all she was happy to discovered that it was something she likes to do that is impoving herself and learning new techniques in order to grow in the world of aesthetics.
The twenty-one-year-old Neapolitan thus opened her business that she called Vanna Lash Maker.

Vanna Lash Maker deals with eyelash extension application through the basic “one to one” technique and the 2D volume technique. An operation that intensifies and makes a woman’s eyes brighter.
Vanna works in a mini-studio but as well as at home and she works by strictly following all the hygiene rules according to the anti-covid directives. Eyelash extension is a trend that has been back for some years and now also in Italy it is a very popular service.
We have asked VannaLashMaker a few questions to find out more about her business than hers.

Q – What is the appropriate age to get eyelash extension? –

VLM – There is no age. In fact, there is a specific assortment of eyelashes for each age. For example, there are eyelashes suitable for teenagers and then eyelashes for 20 or 50 year olds … –

Q -What do you need to know before getting an eyelash extension? –

VLM – You have to reassure yourself and make sure you are in good hands.
If the work is done well and in the time that it needs, which is from 3 hours upwards and without any hurry, it will not cause any negative consequences to natural eyelashes. It will simply make the eyes shining and intensifying your look. –

Q – Are there any risks for eyelash extension? If so, which ones? –

VLM – They do exist, but only in case you work badly. Applying the extensions in a minimum time (example: 1 hour) means that you have not paid the right attention to the work to be done and, in the long run, it can therefore cause itching, swelling of the eyelids and falling out of natural eyelashes. –

Q – What’s the beast way to contact Vanna Lash Maker for an eyelash extension? –

instagram: vannalashmaker