Bang Bank – L’occasione fa l’uomo morto. The new show of I DITELO VOI debuts at the Bracco Theater.

Bang Bank – L’occasione fa l’uomo morto (the occasion makes the man dead). The new show of I DITELO VOI debuts at the Bracco Theater from November 3rd to November 13th.

The theater trio I Ditelo Voi, return to the theater with a whole new funny comedy. It is entitled Bang Bank – L’occasione fa l’uomo morto (The occasion makes a dead man) and will debut on November 3rd at the Bracco Theater in Napoli. It will be on stage for two weeks (until November 13th). After their black success Horror Comedy from which was made the film Tre uomini e un Fantasma (Three men and a ghost) that will be released in December – and Il Segreto di Violaciocca  (The secret of the Violaciocca), the theater troupe Ditelo Voi aka Francesco De Fraia, Lello Ferrante and Mimmo Manfredi present themselves to the public with a new hilarious theatrical idea, accompanied by the talented Federica Citarella.

Bang Bank – L’occasione fa l’uomo morto is about an ordinary day, spent in the bank between documents, paperwork and economic problems to be solved, which is animated by an unusual and clumsy robber. Francesco and Lello, two men with lives spent between routine and punctuality, between composure and appearance, are overwhelmed by Mimmo, who will give the existence of all three an unexpected, a day far from normal where secrets and lies will not be lacking. With their crazy comedy, surreal and cartoonish, I Ditelo Voi tell insights into life that persist in our reality, aware that a smile is the best weapon against the ugliness, injustice and fears of life. A new comedy that confirms the artistic synergy with Francesco Prisco who, together with the trio, signs the writing and direction.

Bang Bank- l'occasione fa l'uomo morto
I Ditelo Voi on Bang Bank- l’occasione fa l’uomo morto. At Teatro Bracco, Napoli November 3 – November 13.

Napoli. A hostage robbery is underway in a bank in the business center. The RAPINATOR (Mimmo Manfredi), with a machine gun under his arm and a jacket stuffed with explosives, shouts excitedly at the policemen outside who, if they do not give him a car to escape with the loot, will blow himself up causing the death of the two prisoners, an EMPLOYEE of the bank (Lello Ferrante) and a regular CUSTOMER (Francesco De Fraia). As the minutes pass, the pressure he is subjected to becomes unbearable, so Mimmo, out of the blue, decides to give up. But it is precisely in the face of the bandit’s intention to surrender that the shrewd customer makes a proposal: if he divides the stolen goods – 3 million euro round-up – they will hold up the game until he manages to escape. That money would turn anyone’s luck, let alone three like them who live a life well below their expectations. Mimmo hesitates, by now he was already used to the idea of jail. The more time passes, however, the more that of Francesco takes on the contours of an indispensable offer. Once convinced, with the two hostages now accomplices, he gets rid of the bodice stuffed with explosives and puts it to one side. But that clumsy and careless gesture will be fatal: inadvertently, he triggers the timer of the bomb which, after an inexorable countdown, explodes with such power as to cause the collapse of the entire building. By an incredible favor of fate, the three wake up practically unscathed in the rubble of the building, willing to do anything to get back to the surface. But when they have almost lost hope of saving themselves, the arrival of Lello’s WIFE, with a shocking revelation concerning them, will forever change their perspectives on life.