At Teatro dei Lazzari Felici Non è vero ma … ci credo!(It’s not true but … I believe it!)

Non è vero ma … ci credo!(It’s not true but … I believe it!) – show with tasting on Saturday March 25th at Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
The shows with tasting at the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici resume. Each time a different show but always dedicated to the Neapolitan spirit and fun accompanied by a small dinner based on typical Neapolitan cuisine.
Saturday March 25th 2023 at 9PM a variety show awaits you dedicated to the greatest craze of the Neapolitans: superstition!

Cuorne e curniciell, àglie e fravàglie, tuocc fierr e tuccamece …..” And so on other traditional spells!
From its origins to today, superstition has always intrigued and influenced man’s culture, until finding its maximum sublimation in the kaleidoscopic and unique Neapolitan tradition.
Tradition that the Carmelobruna duo rides and interprets in their own way with their usual sagacity, irony and skill up to enhancing every minimum facet and giving us yet another jewel, their brand new (or very renewed, you see) and unmissable show It’s not true but there I believe.
You just have to book!
Location of the event the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici theater off Napoli, which deviates from the classic theater hall becoming something more intimate, an example of Neapolitan architecture with exposed tuff bricks and vaulted ceiling, located in the heart of Napoli, in vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17, a stone’s throw from Largo Santa Maria la Nova (partnership garage).
Given the limited number of seats, reservations are required and can be made by calling +39 350 012 1224, consult the website or the Facebook page Lazzari Felici.
We are waiting for you!

Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Napoli
Tel +39 350 012 12 24