At Hydrogen Gastech 2023, the safety of hydrogen and methane will be in the spotlight

Rome, September 11th, 2023

At the Hydrogen Gastech 2023 held in Singapore the focus was on the convergence between technology, energy, security and economic growth.

A significant event was the presence of the Italian SFBM (Methane Cylinder Fund Services), GSE group, one of the most important figures in the field of methane cylinders and future hydrogen cylinders for vehicles, which enriched the debate with its participation in the various stands of Gastech 2023.

Surrounded by a host of CEOs from other prominent energy companies, Prof. Marco Mele, Sole Director of SFBM and an academic known for his research on the link between energy and economic prosperity, brought insightful and experiential observations to the event.

His contribution to the debate focused on the crucial issues relating to the safety of methane cylinders and, in the future, of hydrogen cylinders used for transport. During the main meetings with the various CEOs of the event, Mele reflected on the need to introduce intelligent traceability systems as a safety measure. In an era where digitalization is transforming all sectors, the energy sector cannot be left out either.

Through intelligent traceability, not only can the use, transportation and storage of cylinders be monitored in real time, but potential risks and accidents can also be prevented. While sharing the technical details of the cylinders, Mele illustrated the importance that the company attributes to the safety aspect.

He underlined how the company adopts best practices and standards in dealing with methane cylinders and in the future, also hydrogen cylinders for vehicles. Taking into account the potential danger of these gases if not managed correctly, SFBM intends to make extensive use of advanced technologies to ensure maximum safety.

His interactions with other CEOs at the event demonstrate SFBM’s commitment to promoting the responsible and safe use of methane and hydrogen as alternative fuels. Focused discussions on ways to facilitate the safe management of methane and hydrogen highlighted how innovation and technology can play a dominant role in solving some of the biggest challenges facing the energy sector today.

SFBM’s presence at Gastech 2023 marks another step forward in its ambition to promote energy sustainability. The vision the company conveys through these leading holdings clearly demonstrates its dedication to providing safe, efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Led by an academic figure like Prof. Marco Mele, the SFBM is set to lead the transition towards a greener future that places the combination of safety and efficiency as its cornerstone.