Artist life in Tehran – Pro Iranian dancer actor and director talks about his struggles to make a living by art in the capital.

He grew up in a small family living a quiet life. He is an actor, a dancer. He practices yoga and Tai-chi. Very sensitive as a person, he is kind and introverted. Although he is able to step aside to transform himself into any character whenever he walks onto a stage or is in front of the camera.

Charming and mysterious, Mehdi Bagher is a knight who speaks Persian, English and Turkish. He lives in Iran where he deals with dance and theater. Among the various performances he has worked with the Tarighat Orchestra with the voice of Mehdi Taj -Vahdat Hall performance hall, he has performed on Swing Tree Show written by David Wood, Keto directed by Andrea Noshad, classics such as Waiting for Godot By Beckett with direction of Asghar Dashti and metastasized by the same director.

Unfortunately in Iran the artists live in a condition very similar to that of the artists of Southern Italy.

Medhi is a cinema and theater actor. He prefers the theater however in order to make money to live he is afraid he has to do something else.

He is currently making a documentary focusing on pollution.

Sensitive to the problems of the human being and the environment he has described the documentary he is shooting:

MB – It is the employment benefit that is thrown out and harms the environment that must be recycled. –

NAP – Can you tell a little about yourself? –

MB – I experience many lives as an actor. Each time I make a new discovery of myself and about the world around me. I enjoy acting. Like a madman who can control his madness whenever he wants to play the role. Then, whenever the role is over, he returns to his real world. In general, acting is an endless world. In reality I only have one life and I just live it. Because I am an actor, people who know me expect me to be a perfect human being. They expect me to be free from any mistake. I have noticed that it is quite difficult to reach perfection. Dont’ you think? I really care about people as well as I care about the enviroment. However sometimes it can be hard doing things without having someone upset about it. Acting has a great impact on my personal life .. At the beginning of my studies at the university there was a theater director looking for an actor for a theater performance. There were lot of students at the audition and every person was suppose to have a piece to play. I was there. I had only seen one play until then and I did not have any play to perform.All of the sudden interesting and funny things he had described in the past went through my mind like scenes of a movie. Unintentionally I started to perform playing those memories. It was then that I realized that I was on the right path. Interestingly, I had not seen stand-up comedy until then, and in those years such performances were not common in Iran and not everyone In Iran knew about stand-up comedy. –

NAP – How did come your passion for acting? –

MB – I had no goals before joining the military service. After this period, I experienced many things, but I could not bear any of them. It was around that time that I thought about acting. Although, because I was shy, I never thought I could become an actor. After some time I realized that I could not have a normal life and a stable job and life could not be planned. After having had several work experiences, I finally decided to go to university. I tried and got accepted into the acting faculty. Then I started. –

NAP – Theater vs Cinema. What does better fit your artistic soul? –

MB – Definitely theater. Performing live, being in front of the people, seeing them, feeling them full of energy in the space… It is extraordinary the feeling I always experience on stage. –

NAP – What are you currently working on? –

MB – For two years now, the virus has been cause of death for everything, including humans and theaters that are closed. There is unemployment. That is why in order to make money to live I have to do something else. –

NAP – Can you briefly describe your hometown? –

MB – Tehran is a crowded city. It is full of visual, audio and respiratory pollution. –

NAP – What Iranian theatrical opera would you suggest to a foreign? –

MB – Opera by Rostam and Sohrab –

NAP – How is living by art in Iran? –

MB – Living by art is hard because art is not considered a real job. We must have a job alongside art to make a living. –

NAP – What’s your dream? –

MB – I would like to visit India and Japan and live there for years to learn different dances I am interested in and to meet different cultures. –