Addore ‘e Napule – Show with tasting on Saturday December 3rd 2022.

Addore ‘e Napule (Scent of Naples)- Show with tasting on Saturday December 3rd 2022.

Neapolitan Walks – Saturday December 3rd at Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
The shows with tasting at the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici resume. Each time a different show but always dedicated to the Neapolitan spirit and fun accompanied by a small dinner based on typical Neapolitan cuisine.
Saturday December 3rd, 2022 at 9PM awaits you Neapolitan Promenade curated by Clelia Liguori and Peppe Carosella.
A show that tells about Naploli. And what is the best way to do it if not through songs, poetry, theatre, humour, the testimonies that great figures of Neapolitan culture and beyond have left us. It is a virtual journey that will take us from the alleys to the great palaces of culture of our city, crossing the various eras and evolutions that have characterized the history of this people. Melodies that have made the history of classical song will alternate with pieces of theater that have traveled around the world, recognizing them as a heritage of indisputable cultural value. All this also thanks to the splendid voice of Clelia Liguori who will be accompanied on the piano by maestro Giovanni Ortosecco, and by Peppe Carosella who has also taken care of the direction.

Location of the event the Teatro dei Lazzari Felici theater off Napoli, which deviates from the classic theater hall becoming something more intimate, an example of Neapolitan architecture with exposed tuff bricks and vaulted ceiling, located in the heart of Napoli, in vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17, a stone’s throw from Largo Santa Maria la Nova ( there is a partnership garage).
Given the limited number of seats, reservations are required and can be made by calling +39 350 012 1224.

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Teatro dei Lazzari Felici
Vico Santa Maria dell’Aiuto 17
80134 Naples
Tel +39 350 012 1224.