Scòla ‘e Ferdinando (The School of Ferdinando) – On November 27th.

– November 27, 1790 – Royal Palace of Portici (MAVV, Museum of the Art of Wine and Vine)
After last Saturday’s friction with Queen Maria Carolina over her wanting to impose Austrian dishes at the Court and in the Kingdom of Napoli, Ferdinand IV will find himself (Saturday 27 November) another “cat to peel”: none other than the terrible Dominican friar, Father Gregorio Rocco (played by Angelantonio Aversana) more than ever willing to eradicate the lottery game from the Kingdom … Game that Ferdinand IV likes a lot (and in fact during his Neapolitan lessons, he suggests to the lazzaroni present” ‘ O TERNO BBUONO P ” A SEMMANA”) … In short, we will see some good ones … in addition to the Neapolitan language lessons given directly by Ferdinand IV himself.

Reservations: whatsapp +39 376 06 66 321 (as per attached flyer)
Car parking inside the Palace, guarded and FREE

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