A praying woman – The magazine cover

Mother is the title of the cover photo of this edition. It is a shot taken in 2017 by Iranian photographer Salar Charmi.

This photo has participated in several photographic exhibitions, collecting various awards.

The choice of Mother as magazine cover comes from the fact that it has a strong impact and it is very relevant to the theme taken up in these pages. The woman, seen from above, is praying. She is a soul who entrusts herself to Allah with humility, patience and forgiveness. And she might be praying that her children are not sacrificed. She is possibly asking Allah to stop this continuous bloodshed of the children of Iran.


edition n6 April 3 2023 photo cover by Salar Charmi
Mother Photo@Salar Charmi


2023 Winner – Urmia City Photo Festival – Iran.

2022 Winner – Creative Photo Festival – Tehran, Iran.

2022 Honorary diploma – Russian Festival 35AWARDS.

2022 Statue and diploma of honor International Photo Festival Five – Iran / Japan.

2018 Winner – Festival Government Award and the attractiveness of the Quran.

Mother has been published in two picture books of the festival – Iran/ Esfahanin.





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