A Maserati, a blonde and … Napulitanamente!

Lately we have been busy with a series of news such as the new edition of the paper magazine, the introduction of the new logo created by Officina Mirabilis, the organization of the multi-art exhibition featuring Armenian, Peruvian and Neapolitan artists and the all-Neapolitan cocktail NA57, created by Il SudPlus and Campanica. We have also held the prize contest  ‘A Cartulina ‘e Napule won by Mrs. Ada Zuppardi from the district of Chiaia in Napoli (IT).
Tired but satisfied of the results and the many consensuses obtained, we want to thank those who support and follow our editorial project allowing us to spread the best of our heritage and thanks to whom all this has been possible.
We are currently focusing on further changes and updates that we hope to be able to implement by the release of the next issue.
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